The Cadete issue - The 15 cts printings

The 15 céntimos is the most common value of the Cadete issue. Being the rate for a single inland letter, about 1,033,000,000 copies were issued from 1901 to 1909. We can distinguish six printings by colours and/or control numbers as follows:

1st printing (January 1, 1901)


Six-figure control in blue from
000,001 to about 665,000.

(133,000,000 copies)

2nd printing (1902)

Mauve/grey-lilac, partly on yellowish paper

Six-figure control in blue from
about 665,001 to 999,999

(66,999,600 copies)
3rd printing (1902)


Six-figure control in green
from 000,001 to about 645,000

(128,999,800 copies)
4th printing (1904)


Letter A + six-figure control
in blue from A.000,001 to about A.750,000

(149,999,800 copies)
5th printing (about June 1905)

Purple violet/violet (shades)

Letters A, B, C and D + six-figure controlin blue from about
A.750,001 to about D.205,000

(490,999,400 copies)
6th printing (about June 1909)

Blueish violet (shades)

Letter D + six-figure control in
blue from about D.205,000 to D.515,946, which is the highest
control number on this stamp
I have in my collection.

(62,189,000 copies)

Engraver: Bartolomé Maura Montaner | Recess printing of the F.N.M.T. | Sheets of 200 (5, 10, 15 and 25 cts) and 100 (all others) | Perforation: 14 (comb) | First issued: 01.01.1901 (except the 15 cts. lilac shades and the 40 cts. rose) | Valid until: 11.01.1935 | Control numbers on the reverse