The Medallón issue (1909-1922)

This issue generally consists of 12 values from 2 céntimos up to 10 pesetas. The values of the 15 cts and 20 cts were printed in different colours; the 2 cts and 20 cts also were printed in typography so that at least there are existing 16 main numbers in the catalogues. There are many different shades of most of the stamps due to difficulties with colours of ink supplied during World War I.

Engraver: Bartolomé Maura Montaner | Recess printing and typography (the later 2 and 20 cts) of the F.N.M.T. | Sheets of 100 | Perforation: 13 : 12,5 (comb) | First issued: 1909 (no official dates available) | Valid until: 11.01.1935 | Control numbers on the reverse (except a part of the 2 cts recess printed and all 2 cts typographic)