The Vaquer issue (1922-1930)

This issue generally consists of 13 values from 2 céntimos up to 10 pesetas. Two 10 cts stamps in red and green were issued. The 2 cts, 15 cts and 25 cts were printed from different and partly re-engraved plates. Most stamp catalogues don't show the types properly, so please have a look on the high-resolution type scans linked above!
Many colour-shades and also many different perforations (from 11,5 to 14; line and comb) make this particular issue quite interesting for collectors. A non-issued 25 cts stamp in blue colour (both types) and the 15 and 25 cts values with curious watermarks are probably of speculative character. You can also find informations about the overprinted Vaquer stamps as a
commemorative set for the 55th reunion of the League of Nations in Madrid (1929).

Engraver: Enrique Vaquer | Recess printing of the F.N.M.T. | Sheets of 100 and 200 | Perforation: 13 : 12,75 (comb) | First issued: 1922 (no official dates available) | Valid until: 11.01.1935 | Control numbers on the reverse (except the 2 cts)