The control numbers

Control numbers (corresponding to the sheet numeration - see picture below) were printed on the reverse side of every Spanish stamp issued between
January 1, 1901 and mid 1932. No numbers were used with the stamps for printed matter purposes, i.e. the values of 0,25, 1 and 2 céntimos, with the
exception of the 2 cts of the Cadete issue and the first printing of the same value from the Medallón serie. This numbers are an excellent help
for the collector to reconstruct print runs, colours, dates of issue etc.

Upper right corner of a print sheet (plate n° 7) of the 20 céntimos value from the first Vaquer issue. In front one can see the sheet number A.081153, corresponding to the A081,153 numeration printed on the reverse side of each stamp from this sheet. Much amount of work

The highest known control numbers of the different issues are edited in this
Total quantities issued with each serie are edited in this

There are also interesting
varieties such as missing numbers (or parts of them), double-printed numbers and the like.
The control numbers also vary in their "typography". They are known with and without a period after the initial;
also the initials and numerals show different designs depending on the numerator used for a specific print run.

Stamps with control numbers like 000,000 or A 000,000 are from sheets printed for presentation.The red or
orange numbers can be found with a part of the print run of the 15 céntimos Medallón stamp in yellow/orange.
The plain zeros one can only find with the
Cadete stamps; all other series show A 000,000 - no other initial
than the "A" were ever used for this.

The plain six-figure numbers can only be found on the first Cadete printings. All following issues show an
initial from A to U placed in front of the numerals.The highest control numbers can be found on the
yellow/orange 15 cts Medallón stamps, which made it up to U 179,934, maybe more.
That's just the highest one I posess - maybe you've got a higher one? Please let me know! :-)

Reverse side of the first print run of the 1905 express stamp.