The "Vaquer II" issue - The 25 cts special variety

A variety known by both Galvez (1950) and Martínez Pinna (1995) is the 25 cts value without the engraver's name E. VAQUER in the lower right corner of the stamp. Although Galvez saw no chance to price it and Martinez Pinna says that he "personally never saw a copy" of that, the specialized Spanish EDIFIL catalogue lists it as number 495t.
Actually, for a long time I considered this variety a chimera until I found a used copy on a cover. As you can see, this variety really exists and seems to be traced back to the fact of an incomplete transfer of the original die to the impression cylinder. E.VAQUER and parts of the outer frame are missing. In view of the large quantity of printed copies of the 25 cts, this special variety seems to be pretty rare.

Cover used from Barcelona (24.JUN.31) to Madrid and then resent to Geneve, Switzerland.
The 25 cts stamp without the engraver's name is numbered N 494.065 on the reverse side.

Detailed images of the 25 cts with (left) and without (right) the signature of E.VAQUER.