The CORREO AÉREO overprints on flown covers

Here I show you three flown Spanish covers from the Barcelona - Palma de Mallorca line, the Barcelona - Alicante - Málaga line and the Sevilla - Larache line. Please note that the covers shown on this page are not from my personal collection. I "picnapped" them from some recent eBay auctions to get some illustrating pictures. :-)

Airmail cover from Palma de Mallorca to Barcelona from July 6, 1922. Correct postage of
20 céntimos for inland letters and additional 50 céntimos for airmail fees up to 20 grams.
Palma de Mallorca didn't use a special hexagonal airmail cancel until 1935.

Airmail "set cover" from Alicante to Barcelona from November 3, 1923. Correct postage
would have been 25 céntimos for an inland letter and additional 50 céntimos for
airmail fees up to 15 grams.

Airmail cover" from Larache (Morocco) to Madrid via Sevilla from November 16, 1925. Correct postage of 25 céntimos for an inland letter. Additional airmail fees for cards and covers were not charged any more for the Sevilla - Larache line since February 15, 1924. Special arriving mark from the Madrid main post office "CORRESP[PONDENCI]A LLEGADA POR AVION | CORREO CENTRAL" to indicate that this cover reached Madrid by airmail.