The private CORREO AÉREO 30 cts overprint

An overprinted 30 Céntimos value was never officially issued nor prepared. All known copies of these stamps were privately produced, overprinted using the original cliché and appeared for the first time on the Spanish philatelic market in 1924. Gálvez (in his 1950 stamp catalogue) speaks of only three overprinted sheets, i.e. 300 stamps. Today we have the paradox situation that "genuinally faked" and "forged faked" copies are offered to the collectors.

The "unissued" - "genuinally faked" - 30 Céntimos stamp (above) always is numbered A.000,000 on the reverse side. The "forged fake" (right) shows the fake overprint and is not numbered A.000,000 - this copy shows A.109,058.

Engraver: Bartolomé Maura Montaner | Recess printing with private typographic surcharge in red | Sheets of 100 | Perforation: 13 : 12,5 (comb) | Never officially issued | Control number A.000,000 on the reverse | Total overprinted (300 ?)