Alfonso XIII - Printed matter stamps on cover

A privately perforateded 4/4 cts and two 2 cts green Pelón were used to cover the 5 cts printed matter rate
up to 50 grams to foreign countries. Sent in September 1899 from Málaga to Breslau (Germany).

A 1/4 cts inland rate (July 1907) from Avilés to Salas, both in the province de Oviedo.
The stamp was used for printed matters up to 10 grams and is tied by an octagonal T.P.O. cancel.

Wrapper with an incorrect single 1 Céntimo franking as postal rate up to 140 grams for newspapers sent by the editor to a U.P.P. (Unión Postal Panamericana) member country, December 1925 from Barcelona to Kingston, Ontario. Canada was not yet a member of this union. She entered the then called U.P.A.E. (Unión Postal de las Américas y España) not until August 1, 1931.