Alfonso XIII – The "Vaquer II" issue

This issue generally consists of 9 values from 2 up to 50 céntimos. No peseta stamps were issued with this set and the high values from the
first Vaquer issue were still kept in use up to 1932. The 25 cts is known without the engraver's name; the 40 cts value exists in
two types.

Engraver: Enrique Vaquer | Recess printing of the F.N.M.T. | Sheets of 200 (all values except the 40 cts, type II) and 100 (40 cts, type II and some of the 2 and 25 cts) | Perforation: 11,25 (comb) | First issued: June 1930 (no official dates available) | Valid until: 11.01.1935 | Control numbers on the reverse (except the 2 cts)