The "Vaquer II" issue - The 40 cts types

There are two types of the 40 cts value, of which type I should be three times scarcer than type II if one takes in account a proportion of 1:3 in the print run of both types. Type I stamps seemed to be issued in June 1930; type II showed up first in early march 1931. At that time, 40 cts were the tariff for a single weight letter to abroad and also covered the overseas registration fee. That's why the biggest part of these stamps was used on foreign covers and makes it quite scarce to find copies in mint condition.

Type I: The figure "4" shows a sharp point to the left-hand end of the crossbar (June 1930)
Type II:
The figure "4" shows the left-hand point cut off (1931)

Known control numbers
of Type I: A 725,225 to A 754,780
Known control numbers of Type II: A 755,534 to A 839,557